The Case of the Careless Kitten by Erle Stanley Gardner

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Perry Mason seeks the link between a poisoned kitten, a murdered man, and a mysterious voice from the past

Helen Kendal receives a mysterious phone call from her vanished uncle Franklin, long presumed dead, and he urges her to make contact with criminal defense attorney Perry Mason. Soon, she finds herself the main suspect in the murder of an unfamiliar man. Her kitten has just survived a poisoning attempt—as has her aunt Matilda, the woman who always maintained that Franklin was alive in spite of his disappearance. Though it’s clear that all these mysterious occurrences are connected, and that their connection will prove his client’s innocence, the links in the case are too obscure to be immediately recognized, even by Mason’s brilliantly deductive mind. Risking disbarment for his unorthodox methods, he endeavors to outwit the police and solve the puzzle himself, enlisting the help of his secretary Della Street, his private eye Paul Drake, and the unlikely but invaluable aid of a careless but very clever kitten in the process.

Reprinted for the first time in over twenty years, The Case of the Careless Kitten is one of the most highly praised cases in the iconic Perry Mason series, which need not be read in any particular order.

“One of the best of the Perry Mason tales.”—The New York Times

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