Your Turn, Mr. Motto by John P. Marquand


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Featuring an introduction by Lawrence Block. 

An American pilot of dwindling fame slips from grace in Tokyo
and lands in the hands of Japan’s most cunning spy…

During World War I, Casey Lee was one of the best pilots around, heralded as
a hero. But now the war’s over, the Depression is on, and the time for heroes has passed, leaving Lee washed up and desperate for work. When a tobacco company suggests he fly from Japan to North America, a feat which has never been accomplished, Lee jumps at the opportunity. Unfortunately, the idea is abandoned
soon after he arrives in Tokyo, and he receives the news in the midst of one of
the daily drinking binges with which he now passes the time.
Stranded in a foreign land with wavering loyalty to his home country, Lee has
few friends, but his situation changes suddenly when he meets the intriguing
Mr. Moto, a Japanese man who takes a particular interest in the down-and-out
pilot. By the time he meets Sonya, Moto’s beautiful Russian colleague, Casey
has unknowingly entered into a plot of international espionage at the service of
Japan’s imperial interests—but will he realize the severity of his situation before
it’s too late?
The first installment in Pulitzer Prize-winner John P. Marquand’s iconic mystery series, Your Turn, Mr. Moto was the novel that introduced Japan’s most skillful spy, famously portrayed by Peter Lorre in a series of films.