Nameless Acts of Cruelty

by Julie Cameron

Available August 9
Hardcover $25.95
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Decades after the loss of his younger sister, a man haunted by horrific memories returns to the sleepy English village where she died

Jeremy Horton is a man denying his past, haunted by a dysfunctional childhood full of dark secrets―including the suspicious death of his younger sister.

Married to lawyer Sarah and with children of his own, Jeremy keeps his eyes firmly focused on the present, never daring to glance in the rear-view mirror for fear of what he might see there. But when a chance encounter awakens the memories he’s fought so hard to suppress, and the death of his estranged mother takes Jeremy back to his sleepy hometown and the scene of the family tragedy, he determines to finally uncover the truth behind his sister’s death.

Villages hold long memories, and Jeremy’s presence quickly becomes an unwelcome reminder of nameless cruelties and shameful secrets. The more he learns, the more the stories from his past take on a sinister significance, leading him to question his own innocence. Meanwhile, someone desperately wants him gone, and their efforts to drive him out escalate as Jeremy’s anxiety spirals out of control. Do they fear him for what he knows―or for what he’s done? 

Julie Cameron was born and grew up in England. She studied Clinical Sciences at university and, after a short spell in industry, has worked as both a clinician and a manager in the National Health Service.

An inveterate book-lover, particularly thrillers, she finally decided to try her own hand at writing – which resulted in the completion of her debut novel Only Truth. Julie has one daughter and lives in a small village in the Berkshire countryside, where she shares her home with her husband and two happy cats.

She wrote Nameless Acts of Cruelty balancing her time between family, her writing and a full time career. In the little leisure time she has left she enjoys nothing better than an evening with friends in the village pub, or relaxing on a Greek beach with a good book.